Cleaning your RaceDeck Floor

2010-10-21 - 09:25 | Tips & How To's |

Keeping your RaceDeck garage floor looking new year after year is easy. Because RaceDeck is made with non porous high-impact polymers, it resists stains from all petroleum products, anti-freeze, brake fluid and most household chemicals. This means if your garage floor gets dirty, its on the surface not in it, unlike paints , epoxies, and VCT tiles that stain.

We recommend using any non-sudsing ammonia cleaner to wipe away scuff marks, RaceDeck offers a commercial grade cleaning line as well. You really want to stay away from cleaners that leave a residue or film after you have cleaned ( Ex; Simply Green ), as it will act like a magnet for dust and debris. For stubborn grease and tire marks you can simply take a rag with a small bit of solvent on it ( such as Goof Off, Mineral Spirits, etc)  and rub off and dry. * only use a few drops on a rag and clean one small area at a time.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, just give us a call or drop us a line.