RaceDeck Installation Instructions

RaceDeck Installation, Step 1

Step 1

Clear any objects you do not want to cut around from your garage. Sweep excess dirt and dust from the floor.

RaceDeck Installation, Step 3

Step 3

Lay two tiles on the ground with the pegs of one module aligned over the loops of another. Step firmly onto them to lock the pegs into the loops,

RaceDeck Installation, Step 5

Step 5

Continue your installation across the garage door forming an “L” shape with your garage flooring

RaceDeck Installation, Step 7

Step 7

Cut the floor to any size or shape using a table saw, jigsaw, utility knife, etc..

Follow manufacturer’s safety guidelines with these tools.

RaceDeck Installation, Step 2

Step 2

Begin installation along the longest side wall and the garage door.

RaceDeck Installation, Step 4

Step 4

Lay a single row of tiles along the garage wall, leaving a 1/4” to 1/2" gap between it and the flooring.

RaceDeck Installation, Step 6

Step 6

Fill in the “L” by moving across the garage opening
and down the longest wall repeatedly.

RaceDeck Installation, Step 8

Step 8

Celebrate your choice of RaceDeck Garage Flooring while enjoying your favorite beverage and admiring your handy work.

How To Replace & Remove a Single Garage Tile

Your RaceDeck® floor, interlocks using a patented PowerLock® system, which is one loop and one peg, which positively interlock. If you need to disengage this system, for any reason, to remove a tile from the center of the flooring, you can do so, using a simple putty knife, while following these easy steps

(Instructional Video)
  • Step 1:
    Determine the loop and lock orientation of your floor, by checking either front corner of the garage to see which way the loops and lock are facing.
  • Step 2:
    Insert the putty knife, between the modules, on the lock side of the module you wish to remove.
  • Step 3:
    Gently angle the putty knife to compress each lock and remove it from the loop, repeating for each lock.
  • Step 4:
    Using the putty knife, lift the bottom of the module up, so you may grab and remove from the floor.